Shipping Information

All H&E Smith products are made at our factory located in Stoke-On-Trent, England. Orders will be shipped directly from the UK to our customers across the USA.

Once we have quoted for your goods and you decide to proceed with your order, we are happy for you to arrange your own shipping so long as you inform us by email. Unless stated otherwise we will deliver “ex works” from ‘Stoke-On-Trent, England’ to your nominated address. If shipping is to be arranged by H&E Smith Inc., we will provide a shipping estimate, however this may vary once the final shipping arrangement is made. (This could be due to the final weight of the goods or price changes by the shipping company.)

Please be aware that if you are making a small order, then the shipping costs may well exceed the price of the goods themselves.

Shipping Terms & Conditions 

Unless otherwise specified by the parties in writing, the goods are to be delivered “ex works” from Stoke-On-Trent, England, to Seller’s place of business (as “ex-works”/ EXW is defined by Incoterms 2010). The method and agency of transportation and routing will be designated by the Seller, at Buyer’s expense. In the event the Buyer requests alternative shipment or routing, the resulting alternative packing, shipping and transportation charges will for the Buyer’s account.


Ordering Samples – Shipping Policy

Our current policy regarding sample requests is as follows: H&E Smith sample tiles are shipped from the UK. Most samples for Interior Designers, Architects and Specifiers located in the USA are free, however we do charge for shipping with the exception of the following:

H&E Smith Inc. will cover the cost of the first shipment of samples up to a weight limit of 10kg.

We advise you to be as specific as you can with regard to what you are looking for, to make the most of your sample request.  Eco-Glazed Brick Slips come with a glossy finish as standard however, we can offer a bespoke service, so if you want us to match to a specific colour or texture (e.g. Matt or Opaque), please let us know.

There may be a development charge but more often than not there won’t be, we will advise accordingly.

After the first batch of free samples are sent out for a project, we may request payment for shipping for any further sample requests. The shipping rates for parcels vary between $40 for a 1 kg parcel and $100 for a 10kg parcel. These rates are based on what we are currently quoted and we will advise of costs before dispatch. (You are not obliged to continue your sample order if the shipping costs are not agreeable to you.)

Thereafter with regard to shipping your confirmed order from the UK to the US, we offer a door to door service and quote for shipping, however if you prefer to organise your own shipping, we are happy for you to arrange this.

If you have any queries regarding samples or orders, please don’t hesitate to email: