Eco Glazed Brick Slips – Technical Data & Fixing Instructions

Description: Eco-Glazed Brick Slips

H&E Smith, Inc.™ produce a high performance Eco-Glazed Brick Slip fired to a temperature in excess of 1100 c. Extruded from a patented composite recycled Welsh slate and reclaimed clay body.

Properties of Eco-Glazed Brick Slips:

As tested by Lucideon (formerly CERAM)
Exhibiting a mean water absorption of below 7%. Test BS EN 771-1:2003 Annex C
Classified as F2 (Suitable for use in severe exposure conditions.)
Classified as S2. Test BS EN 772-5:2001> Determination of soluble salts of clay masonry
Meeting dimensional tolerances of BS EN77-1 T2 and R2.
Enhanced thermal resistance and thermal conductivity properties exceeding clay.

Standard Brick Slip Dimensions:

Length = 215mm (+ /- 2mm tolerance) (Length approx 8.46 inches)
Width = 65mm (+ /- 2mm tolerance) (Width approx 2.56 inches)
Depth = 15mm (+ /- 2mm tolerance) (Depth approx 0.59 inches)

Any corner from the plane of the other three = 0.5mm max
With the difference between diagonals no greater than 1mm.

Weight = approx 0.5 kg

Calculating Quantity Required:  CAUTION!

When calculating the number of Eco-Glazed Brick Slips required for your project, H&E Smith, Inc.™ recommend factoring in a 10mm grout gap between brick slips as 10mm replicates a mortar joint.
The very minimum we advise is a 5mm grout gap due to the +/-2mm tolerance. If you want a smaller grout gap then we recommend you lay all the bricks out prior to fixing.


Fixing Instructions

(This guidance applies to general Eco-Glazed Brick Slip

1. Substrate
H&E Smith, Inc.™ recommend Eco-Glazed Brick Slips are applied to surfaces lined with a cementitious board. Ensure the surface to be covered is clean and free from loose debris and grease.

2. Adhesives

2.1 Cement based adhesive
These are relatively straightforward to use. They have good grab strength and this reduces the need for support. They tend to cope with wide application temperature ranges. They work on all surfaces except plastic, metal and glass.
There are many manufacturers but recommended companies include Mapei and Ardex.
Mix the adhesive to the guidance on the bag. Add water as indicated on the bag and mix thoroughly with an agitator. Apply as if you are tiling the wall using a comb to achieve a ribbed effect.

2.2 Epoxy based adhesive
These are mostly supplied as 2 part mixes and have very high grab strength. They often need support until set.

Recommended companies include Apollo Adhesives, Structural Adhesives and Kommerling.

3. Fixing    WARNING!
Our Eco-Glazed Brick Slips are produced using traditional methods and a degree of shade variation is inherent and desirable. We recommend that before fixing it is essential to lay them out in good light, to ensure an acceptable blend of colour and size. Glazed brick slips may craze with time, therefore in this respect no guarantee can be given.
Start at the bottom ensuring that the first course is level. For the 2nd and subsequent courses stagger joints to achieve the bonding pattern desired.
If necessary use a 10mm spacer to support the next course and make sure the brick slip stays in place until the adhesive has cured. Spacers can be made from fillets of wood or strips of plaster board.

4. Cutting  CAUTION!
Eco-Glazed Brick Slips can be cut using the following methods:
a) Break with a hammer and bolster. (The slips will not always break cleanly)
b) Use of an electric tile cutter.
c) Use of a small angle grinder with cutting disc.
d) Using a clipper saw.
Always use gloves to protect from cuts and eye protection in case chips and dust cause irritation.

5. Pointing     CAUTION!
Allow sufficient time for the adhesive to set. This is likely to be 24-48 hours depending on the adhesive type and the ambient temperature.
Point the finished cladding using standard sand/cement mortar mix. Coloured mortars may be used to achieve different finishes. Strike the joint using a suitable tool as would be used to finish normal brickwork.

Consumer Notice: (i) the consumer can obtain a new copy of the Fixing Instructions on the H&E Smith, Inc. ™ website in the event that the consumer ever loses his/her copy, or, in the event that H&E Smith, Inc. ™ modifies the Fixing Instructions and (ii) H&E Smith retains the right to modify the Fixing Instructions as it deems appropriate and that the consumer is charged with the knowledge of the Fixing Instructions set forth in any modifications.

Disclaimer: It is not possible for H&E Smith to warn the consumer about every possible danger related to use of the product and the consumer must use his or her own common sense and good judgement when using the product.

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